A Green Cultural Travel Guide will help you discover the real Cambodian Culture

Our Guides share our love for Cambodia and take great delight in passing on their knowledge, their stories, favourite places and culture on a Green Cultural Travel tour.

Experience the wonders of Cambodia responsibly

Green Cultural Travel works with the local community to create tours that provide a social benefit in a sustainable manner. Enjoy one of our guided tours knowing that you are also giving back to the people of Cambodia.

Find the tour that suits your needs

Whether you are looking for the next great adventure, a true cultural immersion or on spiritual journey we have a tour for you. Our local guides can help provide that once in a lifetime experience and are committed to helping you discover the delights of Cambodia.

Experience Cambodia with a local

Our guides and drivers take great delight in sharing their cultural and life stories with you. Having a Green Cultural Travel guide or driver is like having a local friend and can ensure you get to enjoy Cambodia beyond the standard tourist experiences

Green Cultural Travel Training Programme

At Green Cultural Travel we have recognised that our aligned independent drivers who operate their own business need ongoing support. We have developed a continuous training programme to ensure they can provide the best experience to our clients. This programme extends to our guides who we support in educational initiatives and social support.

Language Training

We provide ongoing training to our Guides and Drivers to improve their English and other languages to ensure they can share their knowledge and experiences with our clients.

Tour Certification

We have carefully planned our tours to ensure it brings the best of Cambodia to our customers. All of our Guides and Drivers must pass a tour certification process for each of our tours to be able to conduct that tour.

Customer Service Training

As part of our continuous training programme we provide our guides and drivers training in general hospitality to ensure they understand the expectations of our clients and standards they must achieve.


We have recognised that a career as a guide with the right support and training is a opportunity to escape the trap of poverty. We offer a scholarship programme to people such as ladies working within the hostess bars and young adults coming out of orphanages to rebuild their lives. 

Some of

Our Guides & Drivers

Green Cultural Travel - Cambodia - Drivers - Kim Sim


Green Cultural Travel - Cambodia - Drivers - Narout Sim


Green Cultural Travel - Cambodia - Drivers - Kimseak Bundai


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