10 Days Minimum
All ages
Valid until 31st December 2023

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Style Giving Back
Intent Adventure

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Located approximately one hour from Phnom Penh, and travelling towards Kampot, is the Baitong Project, a permculture farm created with passion by Lionel and his family. Experience a natural approach to living in a tradional Khmer location away from the more well-known tourist areas. From learning natural building techniques to assisting in developing and maintaining the food gardens, you will love the energy of this ever-growing project. Enjoy traditional Khmer cuisine and time spent with like-minded volunteers.

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Baitong Project is a Permaculture Farm dedicated to showing a new approach to farming in Cambodia, with nature and people working together for a sustainable future. As your host Lionel likes to remind us, “Life is a Gift”.

Length of Stay:

10 days minimum

Arrival Days:

Sunday arrival only

Type of work

Work-wise, usually 5-6 hours of work per day, depending on projects & the weather. The day starts with breakfast and a morning meeting. Then, depending on the season, work includes infrastructure (natural building, earthworks, woodwork) and gardening. They do their own compost, mud bricks and much more, and a lot of time is also spent maintaining the place, cleaning, caring for plants & animals. Expect very varied work, sometimes tough or unpleasant, but always a lot of fun and sharing!


Baitong provides three meals per day, plus water, tea, fruit and coffee. The food is Khmer cuisine, and usually includes meat. If you are vegetarian or vegan, please notify them, as this can be accommodated.


Accommodation is simple with a mosquito net under a dorm roof (with mattress/pillow/linen provided), shared cold showers and toilets.

What to Bring

Useful items to bring: A mosquito repellent, a torch/head light as they don’t have much electricity outside buildings yet, a hat/cap and flip-flops are a must.


There is no WiFi, so it is suggested you purchase your own SIM card, but reception can be limited.


$5 USD per day


Snam Krapeu Trăm Khnar, Takev, Cambodia

Tel: +855 96 894 7705