3 Days 2 Nights
All ages
12th to 14th October 2018


Renown Architect and your teacher for this  three day Workshop, Ambra Ruffini believes that a conversation at a pizza night can make the world a better place. You can make a new friend, learn something, meet the love of your life…

By joining this  workshop you will also make a positive contribution to the students at the Coconut School as we start on the building of their training Cafe with a natural pizza oven.  At the workshop will also be the school’s first two natural building interns to learn with you,
If you have always wanted to learn natural building this three day course is a great introduction.

The team from Plan T Natural Building want to inspire and teach people how to build naturally.  Students will also make a meaningful difference for the school as it continues its journey of becoming a remarkable place of learning.


When: 12th – 14th October 2018

Where: Coconut School Homestay, Koh Dach, Phnom Penh, Cambodia

Cost: USD $130


At this hands-on natural building workshop, students will not only build a
natural pizza oven but will also learn:
– Basic introduction to Permaculture
– Natural building theory and practice
– How to identify suitable soil for natural building
– Hands-on building with different techniques
Cob | Light clay | Earth bag | Adobe bricks

You will also learn about  the design and the form of the oven  to create the perfect pizza.
Learn the secrets that includes mixing thermal cob & natural insulation.
Building the foundation and a perfect door



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Is this workshop for me?

COURSE STYLE Both theory and hands on construction  perfect for couples, families, friends or the solo adventurer.
SERVICE LEVEL Home stay style dorm accommodation at Coconut School. Basic but comfortable with traditional Khmer  meals  for an authentic local experience.
PHYSICAL RATING Great for people of all ages but be prepared to get your hands dirty as you participate in the construction of the oven.
TRIP TYPE Natural Building Course

What’s Included?

      • Two night’s accommodation in dorm style beds at Coconut School
      • Two breakfasts, three lunches and two dinners
      • Tea, coffee and water
      • Expert teacher


Special requirements

IntentGiving Back, Spiritual
ProductGreen Internships, Retreats, Workshops


Day 1: Introduction

Phnom Penh >Koh Dach (Silk Island) > Coconut School

The course commences at 10 am with a introduction to the principles of Permaculture and Natural Building.

Following lunch you get your first hands on experience of natural building techniques.

Late afternoon is a beautiful time to experience traditional island life and there is also an opportunity for a game of football (soccer) with the students or assist with an English class as the students love practising their conversations with our international visitors.

Overnight: Coconut School


Day 2:Hands on building and Theory of Natural Building

Phnom Penh >Koh Dach (Silk Island) > Coconut School

Today Ambra will take you through the types of natural building techniques and then some of these will be applied to building the Pizza oven.

As a team the students will practise their techniques as you learn what are in fact ancient forms of building.

Again you will enjoy traditional Khmer food for your meals and another night with new friends.

Overnight: Coconut School


Day 3: Construction of the oven completed

Phnom Penh >Koh Dach (Silk Island) > Coconut School

After breakfast the team will work to complete the oven and then after a farewell lunch Ambra will provide you with an overview and final run through of the techniques you have learned  and simple projects that you can continue to develop your skills with.

End of  Course – 3pm

Ambra Ruffini

Ambra studied Architecture at Università degli studi di Firenze, she did her Erasmus at Istanbul Teknik Universitesi and  her master degree in International cooperation with Universidad Santo Tomas in  Bucaramanga, Colombia.

Her studies focused on international cooperation in architecture and natural buildings, that lead her to a thesis on  earth building restoration and participated requalification in Colombia.

Her first professional years were in Italy and involved restoration of ancient built patrimony, mostly in Tuscany and Rome. Later she had the chance to work for a renowned architecture studio in Milan dealing with projects worldwide.

This made her aware of how the major architecture and building industry was unsustainable for the environment. She started spending her free time with professionals from different  fields studying and participating in projects to enhance green urban renewal in various cities throughout Italy.

2016  saw a dramatic change  in Ambra’s career: her parents, visiting Burma, met a Thai architect who specialized in bamboo building. The young professionals connected sharing their passion for natural construction and she was offered the opportunity to learn this bamboo technique . Thinking this was a once in a lifetime opportunity she left her job and moved to Asia.

Since then she has been based  and worked in Thailand and Burma , volunteered on various social projects and continued to build her natural building  knowledge. She has dealt with with different earth techniques, bamboo and recycled materials, trying to make the building industry , the first  polluter in the world, a cleaner industry.

She has just designed and built a project in Chiang Miain in collaboration with ‘The Little Urban Farm’ and has formed a new collaborative partnership “Plan T Natural Building’ for which which she has become the  lead architect.

Ambra  specialises in the design and construction of small to medium scale  buildings using natural and recycled materials. Dealing with professionals and volunteer workers through both her architecture work and workshops her aim is to bring natural building knowledge  to people and in the future bring more awareness on those techniques to western countries to spread the use of renewable resources in the construction industry.

Coconut School

” What does the Coconut School teach? Do they teach knowledge that can be used as a weapon? The Coconut School doesn’t teach English, computer or math only. We teach children about life first and being a good person, who uses knowledge to help others. After they are clear about the life, we provide them the skills and knowledge to be a good person, who can be successful. Educated people without pure hearts, can destroy the whole world. At the Coconut school we teach and show the children about the goodness in their heart.”

About the School

Built and supported entirely by voluteers and visitors the school has approximately 150 students.

Approximately 20 students live full time at the school who have either been abandoned or orphaned. Of these 10 are currently been schooled exclusely at Coconut School in an intensive effort to lift their standards so that they can join the others in the public school system.

Coconut school also runs English classes for 120 students and Khmer maths classes for a further 30 students which supplements and compliments their public school education. English is considered vital for students and many people in Cambodia pay for their children to attend a second school for English studies. Coconut School provides its tuition for free and acts as a great equiliser for the poor in this area.

Underlying the education provided is also the teaching of important life skills which are built around the core philiosphy of the school which is to look beyond yourself and share.


You will either stay in the recently completed dorm or the home stay in basic but comfortable accommodation.

How We Want to Help

Green Cultural Travel donates 2% of each online sale to ” Green Cultural Travel Hub Limited a “not for profit” company registered in Singapore. We have chosen Coconut School as our first project to support including working together to  make our first pilot food garden.

In addition we will co-operate and support the School to develop vocational training in tourism, hospitality, sustainable building, tourism and food gardens. We now are excited to help through workshops such as this start to develop the Homestay and Cafe which will also be a vocation training centre.

Key People

Ouk Vanday – Founder

Now working full time in the second Coconut School located on the beautiful Kirirom Mountain in the province of  Kampong Speur. It was Vanday’s vision and drive that established the school in 2013. Following on from a career in hotel management he turned his back on this to create his dream of Coconut School.

Sin Songheng -School Principal

Born in Siem Reap and trained as a doctor, In Songheng turned his back on a lucrative medical career when he discovered Cocunut School and the vision of the founder Ouk Vanday. Working first on his days off until  realising where his heart lay he joined and then took on the leadership at the Island school allowing Ouk Vandey to move on and develop the second school. Beyond teaching maths and english his passion and the school’s is to instill in their students the importance of seeing beyond yourself, respecting and caring for your family, friends and community.

Yorn Socheat

Born in Kandal Province and qualified in IT from the Cambodian Mekong University, Yorn continues to work a full time job to help support the school. He is also a teacher, website manager, financial controller and anything else needed within the school.