Our Foundation

Green Cultural Travel Hub Limited (201705140R) is a Singapore registered “Not for Profit”.

Green Cultural Travel is operated by our founder for our benefit. That means all profits derived from the travel business will flow into making a difference

The Foundation was formed with the objective of supporting

  • Sustainable and ethical community based tourism and hospitality projects
  • The teaching of Permaculture, Natural Building, Ethical Business Skills and Sustainable Tourism and Hospitality
  • Community based Permaculture projects.
  • Habitat and wildlife conservation and protection

To become self sufficient we are creating a structure where we partner with passionate locals to bring you amazing travel experiences and packages. Every time you book, real positive things happen in the communities we visit.

From using local businesses, to us being able to put our profits into supporting positive sustainable initiatives you can be confident that

“Great Journey’s Make a Difference”


Mr Kimberley Burton Chairman

Kimberley has a diverse background in business start-ups and a passion to create a social enterprise to make a difference. Currently leading the expansion of  Green Cultural Travel into the Philippines, Singapore and Malaysia.

He juggles this with a commitment to giving back and his hands on construction work at our first supported training center at Koh Dach, a beautiful but challenged Mekong Island in  Phnom Penh, Cambodia.


Company Secretary

Mr Vincent Koh

Vincent operates an accounting and advisory business in Singapore and provides registered office and Company Secretarial services to the Singapore registered companies of the group.

From humble beginnings we are proud of our work in establishing our first supported community training center at Koh Dach, which is a beautiful but challenged Mekong River island in Phnom Penh, Cambodia.

When fully operational this centre will provide training for:

  • Ethical business skills
  • Sustainable tourism and hospitality
  • Permaculture
  • Natural Building

Due to open in late August, stage one is our sustainable tourism and hospitality faculty.

Featuring a training café, classroom and residential accommodation for our first 8 external students.

Our first intake will be drawn initially from existing students studying tourism in Phnom Penh from financially challenged families from rural area’s.

They will be provided with:

  • Supervised accommodation
  • Meals
  • Living allowance
  • Additional lessons in sustainable tourism and hospitality.

Profits generated from the café, tours and other products sold will in time create a self-funding model.

For many the word Permaculture draws a blank look, for others it is a vague idea that it relates to gardening.  In fact it is a word derived from the words “permanent” and “cultural” by Bill Mollison and David Holmgren to describe sustainable living systems.

It is grown to have a worldwide following of teachers, students and devotees. Our Foundation is committed to supporting projects that follow the underlying core beliefs of Permaculture.

“Permaculture really starts with an ethic, earth care. As care of the whole systems of earth and species. So we actually devise model systems, much of the design is drawn from nature. The end result we aim for is to produce a system that’s ecologically sound and economically profitable. It can get as sophisticated or as simple as you like.”

Bill Mollison

Global Gardener – In the tropics http://www.veoh.com/watch/v20678727GXjcx5R