What are Charity is setting out to do?

Green Cultural Travel is committed to giving back in the communities we operate in. We have established Green Cultural Travel Hub Limited, our Foundation which is a not for profit company registered in Singapore.

We pay 2% of every online sale with the exclusion of flights to our Foundation.

Our dream is to support the teaching of permaculture and the establishment of  food forests in schools. We believe that by every school having their own food forest all children can be provided with at least two meals a day. In addition the ability to support yourself by growing your own food should be a basic life skill taught to all students.

What is Permaculture

“Permaculture really starts with an ethic. Earthcare as care of the whole systems of earth and species. So we actually devise model systems. Much of the design is drawn from nature. The end result that we aim for is to produce a system that is ecologically sound and econcomically profitable. It can get as sophisticated or as simple as you like.”

Bill Mollison Global Gardener 1991


The foundations of our committment was born through our training program which provided work and skills training to at risk people in Phnom Penh allowing them to live a more meaningful and dignified life. This has grown to our involvement with the amazing Coconut School located on Koh Dach (Silk Island) where our Cambodian administration is now based and we are supporting a vocation and training program.

With a Permaculture Design Course for students from a number of Phnom Penh schools scheduled for December 2018 our dream we hope will start to become reality as these students are taken on the start of their journey to become teachers themselves and take their skills back to their schools.

young volunteer: environmentalist  in the forest wearing a green recycling t-shirt

From independent driver to business owner

By joining our network a driver has the backing of a strong corporation while still remaining an independent business owner. Through the ongoing promotion of the Green Cultural Travel brand the drivers obtain a level of professionalism not seen before within the Cambodian market.

The drivers also have the opportunity to earn additional income through our referral system for clients they introduce who book travel services.

They receive initial and ongoing training from Green Cultural Travel to ensure they have the required skills to represent the Company and build their own business.

A Green Cultural Travel aligned driver through our program transforms into a true business owner.

What the Green Cultural Travel program includes?

Language Training

While having a primary focus on English we continue to expand our training in other languages.

Tour Accreditation

Prior to conducting any tour, our drivers must undergo a tour accreditation course to enable them to deliver that tour. This ensures they can deliver the tour in the professional manner we demand.

Life and Business Skill Training

Our training extends into providing skills such as money management, budgeting, personal presentation, sales and marketing, We seek to facilitate the development of a successful business for our aligned drivers while also ensuring they can have a healthy work life balance.

Access to Finance

Green Cultural Travel provides low cost loans to our network of independent drivers if they require funding to upgrade their vehicle to meet our corporate standards.

Join our Independent Drivers Program


Green Cultural Travel welcomes inquiries from drivers interested in joining our network of drivers. Contact us for an initial discussion about the benefits that becoming a Green Cultural Travel independent driver offers.