Green Cultural Travel was formed on the founding belief that we should provide positive outcomes for our staff, our business partners, the environment and the community. We are committed to building social programs that go hand in hand with our business to make a difference at the grass roots level.


Green Cultural Travel (Cambodia) Co. ltd is majority owned by its staff and our own “not for profit” organisation. So at its core, our business has been established for the benefit of the local community.

We have then established three social programs that aim to make a real difference within the local communities we operate in. These are our guide, independent driver and rural outreach programs.

We also offer a volunteer placement program to ensure that those wishing to make a difference are placed within a legitimate organization that matches your skill set.

Green Cultural Travel - training for guides


Green Cultural Travel - Cambodia - Guide

Training for Guides

Green Cultural Travel has an established a training program so that a portion of our guides are sourced and trained through our scholarship program. This program is aimed at providing opportunities to people such as ladies working within hostess bars and youth coming out of orphanages to develop a professional career as a Green Cultural Travel Guide.

Independent Driver Program

We are building a network of independent drivers. An aligned driver with Green Cultural Travel enjoy the benefits of have a strong corporate partner while continuing to operate their own business. We support our drivers through ongoing training, corporate branding, regular work through our tours and opportunities to earn addition sources of income.

Green Cultural Travel - Independent Drivers Program
Green Cultural Travel - Cambodia - Silk Island

Outreach Program

Green Cultural Travel has established a pilot program working with the local school in Dokpor village, approximately 62km from Phnom Penh. We are establishing a permaculture or food garden as well as providing clean water filters to the school. We plan then to take this program into rural Cambodia working with volunteers to make a difference to the lives of rural communities trapped in the cycle of poverty.

Volunteer Program

If you are looking to volunteer as part of your journey through Cambodia then Green Cultural Travel has undertaken the research to ensure you are placed in the right program. We have identified those organizations that we believe are making a real difference and can assist in matching your skillset with the right social program.