Discovering yourself while exploring the temples of Angkor Wat


A Journey of self-discovery and grounding



Take a journey of both self-discovery and reflection while exploring the ancient Cambodian city of Angkor Wat



Start your journey into the mysterious heart of Angkor by focusing inward on your own heart. 

Have you ever traveled to an exotic location far from home, hoping to escape from your daily worries and pretenses, only to find that you carried your burdens with you halfway across the world?

It is a common occurrence — we all do it, and who can blame us?

Trying to take in some of the world’s greatest heritage treasures while adjusting to a new culture and a new climate in a limited time frame is challenging even for the very well-traveled. That is why, in addition to your incredible Cambodian tour experience, we offer you daily gentle yoga and meditation classes to help you to relax and focus. 

Our yoga & meditation classes are infused with a spirit of playfulness, inspired by the famous Devata and Apsara carvings of Angkor, and are suitable even for yoga beginners. Each morning & evening, our yoga teacher will guide you through feeling into your body and dropping your busy thoughts, so that you can relax and open up — release tensions, reconnect and become comfortable in your own skin again.

Practicing gentle yoga & meditation at the start and end of each of your days in this magical place will allow you to get the most out of your time here. The morning practice will infuse your day with fresh energy and enthusiasm. And then, in the evening, you will be able to release the weariness of the day, so that you can go to bed feeling rejuvenated and relaxed.

Sometimes, you have to go far from home in order to come back to yourself. Amidst the lush backdrop of Cambodia, we invite you to to find your inner home — your peaceful place within, where you can just “be.”



An amazing 8 days of exploration of Siem Reap and the temples of Angkor Wat, while becoming grounded through twice-daily yoga 

When : 12th to 19th October 2o19

Where: Siem Reap, Cambodia

Accommodation: Angkor Palace, Resort and Spa

Price – Twin Share: $1750 USD (early bird, before 31st July 2019)

Single Room Supplement: $590 (early bird, before 31st July 2019)

For more details and to book, please visit:

Cambodian Angkor Wat & Yoga Retreat

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