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My Cambodian Great Journey Cont.

Finally for those that want a nature based adventure then you must take our Mekong and Jungle Adventure,

Discover the lesser known four northern provinces with local indigenous tribes still living a traditional lifestyle.We first head to the river town of Kratie taking in a beautiful Mekong River island and we search for the rare Irrawaddy dolphin. Moving through Stung Treng province follow the river as it heads upstream towards the Laos border.

I think you will love Ratanakiri and Mondulkiri with their remote jungles and majestic waterfalls. We will take you to a majestic valley to spend a day in an Elephant rescue and sanctuary. No one leaves this stunning jungle retreat not changed by their time with these beautiful animals.

So thats our range of Great Journey’s which I know you will love any of. My country is so rich in history and so diverse in its culture. My must do things I think has to include experiencing the gentle and ancient Apsara dance,

Take time to explore our beautiful pagodas but go beyond looking. Meditate with senior monks, let your guide interpret and take the time to listen to their teachings.

One of my favourite memories is sitting with local fisherman in Kep and sharing a beer and their fresh catch as the sun went down. Its things like this that make a difference and turn a holiday into a great journey. I hope to see you soon in this land of smiles and I wish you good luck and happiness where ever you may be.

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Pich Kong is the General Manager of Green Cultural Travel’s operations in Cambodia with over 18 years working within Cambodia’s tourism industry.


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