Djilba 2019

The Journey to Mlop Russey Cont.

To the rear of the property lies our final project and challenge. We are creating an activities based learning centre for the younger children of the village. There are a number of children not entering the public school system and we wish to provide a pathway back into the education system for these children,

While we can use the existing building our plan is to create a bamboo two story structure with a library and large area to paint, build, grow and do other things that will make learning fun. With a bridge to link back to the bamboo island surrounded by water with fish and plants we will create a fun and unique learning environment.

Our challenge is to attract a long term volunteer to support the staff with a passion and experience in early childhood learning.  There is a hunger also from the older members of the community to learn English so we hope we can also have a regular stream of visitors willing to offer an hour or so to teach.

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