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Venturing into Malaysia

– By the GCT Team

One of the great things about been involved with Green Cultural Travel is that we are working with other like minded local experts to bring new amazing destinations to our guests. You would have read about some incredible experiences in the Philippines and a glimpse at Singapore as we are getting ready to showcase these countries.

We are also looking forward to introducing the incredibly diverse country of Malaysia. Soon you can choose from a number of Great Journey’s to allow you to immerse yourself in the culture, history and breathtaking scenery that is fabric of this fascinating country. We were lucky enough to recently experience some of the destinations that will be included and we are sure, like us, you will fall in love with Malaysia.

Departing Singapore its a short distance but can be gridlocked to Johor Bahru and this historic city for many is their first experience of Malaysia. Rich in its own history its rapidly changing skyline shows it is becoming a modern city. But look beyond the malls and you will find traditional shop houses and the part we loved was the local restaurants and delicious street food. With the majority of the population a mix of Malay, Chinese or Indian heritage the choices are endless and at night the streets feel energised as the locals come out to eat and socialise.

Like much of Malaysia this place is a hidden gem for those willing to take the time and explore and we cant wait to take our guests here as part of our Great Journey series.

Another must visit place is the legendary port of Malacca. For centuries this was a major centre of trade and it is a city steeped in history. Wandering around or taking one of the colourful trishaws through what is known as Jonkers Walk you realise you follow in the footsteps of centuries of mariners and the locals who provided the workforce to support the port.

The weekly night markets are famous for the cuisine  and stalls selling a vast array of items for both locals and tourists.  With places to see like the Famosa Fort dating back to the 1500’s when the Portuguese conquered the city, Christs and St Pauls churches and Stadthuys a collection of dutch built buildings now housing a number of museums it is a beautiful place to stroll around.

Its worth taking the quick trip over the bridge to see the majestic Melaka Straights Mosque that is built out over the shimmering sea. Be sure to sample the beautiful iced juices sold just outside the grounds. With so many choices it is hard to just have one and they are just the thing to combat the tropical heat.

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