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Breakfast with a Singapore Local Cont.

You also cannot come to Singapore without trying Roti Prata ! Our adopted flat bread originating from southern India. There is a famous Jalan Kayu Roti Prata stall at 239 Jln Kayu, Singapore 799463 but this is just one of many that serves this dish perfectly. However their chicken curry, eaten with fluffy and just-cooked prata, is delicious and mouth watering !

Finally I think you must try teochew porridge for breakfast. Teochew porridge is served as a banquet of meats, fish egg and vegetables eaten with plain rice porridge. It may be simply cooked without flavour, or include sweet potatoes. They’re not cheap anymore, and can cost close  to restaurant prices, even though the places selling this mouth watering feast are located in the humble heartlands of Singapore !

This is because Teochew porridge is for sharing with family or friends and way to much food to be eaten alone. The must-tries are fried meat rolls, fish glue, braised pork innards, steam fish, and anything there that you fancy. I love it with a bowl of soft sweet potato porridge. There are normally snaking queues at more popular outlets and one of my favourites and quite famous is located at Bedok Central Market, next to Giant and beside the Bedok Sports Hub.

So that is how many of us Singapore locals start the day. While we are seeing many fast food chains offering western style breakfasts I still cant go past our delicious traditional dishes of which many of the recipes have been passed down for generations. I have my favourite stalls that I return to time and time again. But we all have our favourite dishes and stalls within our local Hawkers centers that we swear are the best.

Next time you are in Singapore make sure you try one or I suggest as many as possible signature dishes and breakfast like a local.

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Li Lin Sear is a born and bred Singapore local and is a board member of Green Cultural Travel Hub Limited our Singapore Foundation. 


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