Djilba 2019

Discovering Calataganda cont.

As we dried off our salty skin back on the boat, we were joined by another expert. We sat for a series of talks about the impact of climate change.

Coming from the same community of Calatagan is a dear friend of Jessie’s, an “artivist”—AG Sano. His famous art installations grace the landscape of the Philippines. Alongside his brother, UN Climate Commissioner Yeb Sano, he speaks for Filipino people in an appeal to world powers. His art adorns the walls of Calataganda as a testament to friendship and shared commitment.

The teachers sat rapt to learn from the two on our effect on the environment. Nature lent its support at every turn. As a bird soared overhead and the sun set over the horizon, images of a shifting global ecosystem brought tears to the tourists’ eyes. The sight of a healed Earth around them soothed their senses.
The money they spent to learn directly supported nature. This nature in turn gave them peace and strength in the face of such harsh truths. Happy lang!

It can be confusing: How do we make a positive impact in the communities we travel to see? 

Even with the best intentions, we often do not know how or do the opposite. In Calataganda and the mind of Jessie De Los Reyes, there is a tireless defender of nature. Here is the place that deserves your resources and tourism dollars.

It is the dream of many to disappear under the surface of a crisp crystal ocean. Imagine a sea turtle looking up at you from the soft coral, choosing to swim along your path. If you hold that dream inside, supporting projects like Calataganda is the way to keep that dream alive.

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Caitlin Flannery is the founder of The Sustainable Tourist, a consultancy for tourism operations to simplify their path to eco-social sustainability. An impassioned dive professional and field teacher, she is dedicated to embodying the open mindset of a tourist, no matter where she is. Follow her on Instagram: @the_sustainabletourist


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