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Venturing into Malaysia Cont.

Kuala Lumpur is a city of surprises and like any huge city can be overwhelming but no visit is complete without taking time here to explore,

Batu Caves is world famous for its majestic series of caves containing Hindu temples and shrines. Its a long climb to the main cave up the colourful steps but take your time and check out the monkeys on the way up. You can get a taxi or there is a train station nearby. The hills are a stunning backdrop to the ornate temples and imposing statues that greet you. Be sure to explore more than the main area as there are some beautiful smaller caves a short walk away.

We headed on to Kanching Rainforest Waterfall and again the long climb up the stairs was worth it as you pass a series of crystal clear cascading waterfalls. The landscape was beautiful and its a great place to choose a spot and relax and enjoy the natural environment.

On a spur of a moment whim we decided to take in the Genting Highlands and so jumped into the cable car and headed up. We stopped and explored the Chin Swee Caves Temple on the way and this is where having a local expert guide transforms what are beautiful things into the stories you need of the history, people and culture.

Continuing to the top all we could think of is what a contrast from the mega resort to the surrounding jungle covered hills. If you love shopping and man made fun this is a place for you. We just felt the call of the wilderness and realised how excited we were to be heading onwards soon to explore the natural side of Malaysia,

But we were not quite finished exploring Kuala Lumpur and so we continued with a visit to the ornately beautiful Sri Mahamariamman Temple where we were lucky enough to encounter a wedding ceremony and see their stunning gowns and decorations.

We took in the Chinatown area with its maze of markets and of course had to check out the iconic Petronis Twin Towers which were sadly closed for visits to the sky bridge the day we visited. Still worth seeing just to try and comprehend the scale of these buildings. One of our enduring memories of Kuala Lumpur is at nighttime as you move around the city capturing glimpses of these brightly lit twin skyscrapers.

We could not finish without talking about the food. How many times can you keep heading back for a shawarma washed down with a freshly squeezed lemon and mint juice. For some of us we didnt think we could ever get tired of them as they were delicious. Then get overwhelmed with the choices in Jalan Alor as the restaurants compete for your attention and you get distracted by another stall selling something mouthwatering.

After dinner take time to check out the buskers with a number of bands playing in the street and competing to draw a crowd. Its hard to mention all the great things you can do in Kuala Lumpur. With an extensive network of trains its easy to get around and to us the highlight was the vibrant energy of this multi cultural city.

It was then time to head north to continue our exploration of Malaysia but that is a story for another time.


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